Long sailing

Sail with us through the Mediterranean, from Croatia to Gran Canaria or join us as we sail across the Atlantic. Both sailings are with a responsible crew on board, book a whole boat or individual seats.

Long distance sailing with crew

During the fall, we carry out two different long sailing trips, we start by casting off and sailing from Croatia in October. We then sail through the entire Mediterranean and finish in Gran Canaria. Along the way we stop at many nice places. Then we cast off and sail across the Atlantic from Gran Canaria to St. Lucia in the Caribbean. The Atlantic crossing starts at the end of November and usually arrives in mid-December. Both sailings are with a responsible crew on board. You can choose to book one or more seats on the boat.


Long distance sailing with More Sailing

A long-distance sailing trip is a memory for life. If you're looking for an adventure at sea, our long-distance sailing trips are for you. You can choose to sail through the Mediterranean or across the Atlantic, but of course you can combine both if you want to sail the entire distance from Croatia to St. Lucia.

On board the boat, everyone takes turns to help drive the boat and cook, you will be divided into watch teams that share the tasks on board. Therefore, previous sailing experience and good nautical skills are required. The boats are sailed day and night and the weather can vary, so the route through the Mediterranean and the places to stop are adapted to the weather conditions. When sailing across the Atlantic, the route is adapted to the weather conditions as well, and the weather has a big impact on the duration of the voyage.

More Sailing has been organizing these long voyages for over 10 years, we ensure that the boat has the right equipment required for this type of sailing and have experienced staff on board, all to make you feel safe.


Long distance sailing through the Mediterranean or across the Atlantic Ocean

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