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What are our themed trips?

Our theme trips are basically a regular sailing trip but with different sets of guests on the boat. If you are traveling alone, our single trips may be of interest, if you want to celebrate the student, perhaps a student trip or if you are older and do not want children and young people on the boat, a senior trip is perfect for you.

What do our customers think?

Sailing trip - why should you choose it?

You visit many places

As the boat sails to a new destination every day, you will therefore experience many new places during a sailing trip. At the same time you reach places by sailboat that you would otherwise not be able to reach, thus you get to see places you might not otherwise have seen.

You get both sun, swimming and adventure

On a sailing trip you get the perfect combination between an active holiday and a relaxing holiday. This is because you decide whether you want to be involved in sailing or if you prefer to lie and enjoy the sun.

You will be groomed by staff

On board you have a skipper and a host who is responsible for your well-being and security throughout the journey. At the same time, they sail the boat, serve good food and drinks and show you to new places. Not many hotels offer it.

You get to learn new things

It does not matter if you have previous experience of sailing and boating as the crew on board handles sailing and the boat. You can of course be part of the sailing as much or as little as you want. You can learn a lot of new things during the trip.

You get to know new people

Our boats can be booked by one or up to ten people. If you do not fill a whole boat, you will meet other lovely travelers on board. This has meant that we have many sunshine stories where travelers met friends for life during a sailing trip with us.

You create memories for life

Whatever holiday you book and wherever you live, you will most likely have a wonderful holiday. But on a sailing trip you get to do something extra, something that you may not be used to, and it results in memories you will not soon forget.

You have everything packed and ready

When you buy a sailing trip, everything is packed and ready from the start. The goal is that you should only be able to relax, therefore everything from airfare to food on the boat is included. So you avoid all planning that might otherwise be required for a trip.

We carbon offset your sailing trip

From 2019, More Sailing climate compensates all sailing trips we arrange to 110%. This means that you who travel with us contribute more positively with climate positive measures than the negative co2 impact that your sailing trip has. We also compensate all internal travel for staff and other impact the company has to be at least climate neutral.

CO2 emissions and global warming are a threat to all life on our planet. Sailing is environmentally friendly but air travel to the sailboat is not. Air travel accounts for 95% of the negative climate impact of buying a sailing trip. By More Sailing investing in various climate projects, we compensate the CO2 emissions caused by the sailing trip with 110%.

We do not believe that we are buying a clean conscience through climate compensation, but we are doing something concrete to slow down global warming. Climate compensation of CO2 is included in all our sailing trips, it is not possible to opt out. Read more here.

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