Conference on a sailing boat

Try sailing during your next conference trip. Sail with your company and colleagues, choose between sailing in the Mediterranean or at home in Sweden.

What do our customers think?

“AGREAT Conference by More Sailing, 2019 och 2022, trettiotal resp närmare hundratalet deltagare. Båda gångerna helt fantastiska, seglings-miljön är perfekt för kreativt och visionärt arbete, samt inte minst att stärka teamet och skapa gemensamma minnen och energi som varar länge. More Sailing levererar allt detta på ett otroligt bra sätt som vi varmt kan rekommendera.” - Bengt Boissier (VD)

Agreat AB

”Strålande på alla sätt! En oförglömlig resa som lämnade alla lyriska! More Sailing tog hand om all planering och besättningen tog hand om oss så vi kände att vi var i trygga händer. Vi kan inte ha haft en bättre jubileumsresa!” - Carina Jonsson

Stenfastigheter AB

Conference trip on a sailing boat

Let More Sailing make your conference trip something out of the ordinary. Spend your next conference, corporate event or kick-off on a sailboat. We have noticed how close-knit a group can become after just a few days together on board our boats.

Being able to combine a conference with sailing and socializing with colleagues is a very appreciated concept. It does not matter what sailing experience you have since you have both a skipper and host on board, we offer sailing for everyone.


Conference on a sailboat - how does it work?

Try sailing during your next conference. It will be an active conference where you get to experience a lot, every day you sail to a new location. We can promise that your conversations will be much more creative and inspiring when you swap the conference room for the cockpit of a boat where you are surrounded by the sea and its beautiful surroundings.

We arrange conferences on a sailing boat in several different destinations, choose whether you want to sail at home in Sweden or in the Mediterranean.

More Sailing has organized sailing trips with crew for over ten years. On our boats you are in safe hands with our staff, we always have a skipper and a host on each boat. The crew makes sure that you feel comfortable and well at all times. They serve food and drinks, they sail the boat and tell you about the different places you visit. If you want to learn to sail, this is a perfect opportunity to do so during the trip.

We have previously arranged conferences on boats for everything from small groups to entire companies of over 100 people.

Sailing during the conference

During your conference trip, you live together on the sailboat. We have boats where up to twelve people and crew have room to live comfortably, if you are many in the company, we sail with more boats. With a crew on board that takes care of sailing and serving, your time can be spent on conferencing and socializing with each other.

On board the boat you will be served breakfast and lunch as you move on to the day's next destination. The day can be started with conversations on the foredeck while the boat slowly moves forward. After a lunch stop with a swim, the conversations can be switched to sailing activities such as a sailing school or racing against colleagues on the other boats.

In the afternoon, you will arrive at the day's destination where you will experience a new place and can summarize the day's events during a pleasant restaurant visit. With knowledgeable staff on board, you will be able to discover the destinations at their best. Whether you have a lot or little experience of sailing, it's a great experience for those who are curious to learn more.


Conference trip with More Sailing, this is included:

Travel to destination
Return flights from Stockholm, Gothenburg or Copenhagen.
Transfer from airport to boat and from boat to airport
Travel by boat
You decide the length of your conference
Skipper and host
Swedish, well-trained crew to guide you around the islands
Food on board
Breakfast, lunch and drinks during the trip.
Dinners ashore
Dinners ashore included, but without drinks
Bedding and cleaning
Bed linen, towels and final cleaning.
Other boat costs
Tourist tax, Port fees, diesel, LPG etc.
Fully insured boat without deposit
Environmental compensation
All our sailing trips are 110% environmentally compensated.

How much does a conference trip on a sailboat cost?

We are often asked what it costs to go on a conference trip abroad with colleagues. How much investment in your employees is required to carry out a conference trip abroad varies of course depending on your purpose, needs and content.

We usually start from the price indication below:
As an example, we usually calculate 10 people on board a sailing boat with skipper and host, breakfast, lunch, drinks, etc. and for 4 days, Saturday to Tuesday or Wednesday to Saturday.
If we calculate this above, the price is usually from about 14,500 SEK per person excluding flights (the price is affected depending on the period, boat and number of people etc.).

Our destinations

What do other companies think?

Company: Agreat AB

"AGREAT Conference by More Sailing, 2019 and 2022, thirty and almost a hundred participants. Both times absolutely fantastic, the sailing environment is perfect for creative and visionary work, and not least to strengthen the team and create common memories and energy that lasts a long time. More Sailing delivers all this in an incredibly good way that we can warmly recommend."


We carbon offset your sailing trip

From 2019, More Sailing climate compensates all sailing trips we arrange to 110%. This means that you who travel with us contribute more positively with climate positive measures than the negative co2 impact that your sailing trip has. We also compensate all internal travel for staff and other impact the company has to be at least climate neutral.

CO2 emissions and global warming are a threat to all life on our planet. Sailing is environmentally friendly but air travel to the sailboat is not. Air travel accounts for 95% of the negative climate impact of buying a sailing trip. By More Sailing investing in various climate projects, we compensate the CO2 emissions caused by the sailing trip with 110%.

We do not believe that we are buying a clean conscience through climate compensation, but we are doing something concrete to slow down global warming. Climate compensation of CO2 is included in all our sailing trips, it is not possible to opt out. Read more here.

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