Sailing trip in Sweden

Sverige, Skärhamn
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Sverige, Skärhamn

Sailing holiday in Sweden

Excess 11 (37 feet, catamaran, 8 guests)




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Sailing trip in Sweden, this is included:

Travel by sailboat
Monday to Sunday with start and stop in Skärhamn
Skipper & Host
Swedish, well-trained crew
Part in double cabin
Berth in double cabin
Breakfast, lunch & drinks on board the boat
Bed linen & towel
All overheads
Port charges, LPG & other expenses
Package travel
Full protection of the Package Travel Act
Environmental compensation
All our sailing trips are 110% environmentally compensated

Sailing in Sweden

There's a lot of coastline to explore in our long country, and it's best done from a sailboat. The west coast we sail on is unique in the world for its many smooth islands, islets and skerries. With countless islands to visit, there's a good mix of stunning scenery, cozy villages and towns, and summer paradises with a bit of a pulse. The clear, salty waters of the north-west coast give the feeling of being abroad so close to home. Explore the archipelago treasure we have here at home in our own country. A short trip out to the coast and you immediately feel how the beautiful surroundings take the mind away from everyday life and into relaxation.

Our sailing trips in Sweden start from the northern part of the west coast in Bohuslän. With several thousand islands, islets and islets, there are countless places to visit in this beautiful archipelago. We start the trip in Skärhamn north of Gothenburg. From there we explore the golden nuggets that the west coast has to offer, for example, depending on the weather and wind, a visit to Pater Noster, Koster, Käringön, Marstrand or Väderöarna can be made. It is not for nothing that Bohuslän has been named one of the world's most beautiful wilderness areas in several international contexts. When you visit the coast, you will understand why!


Sailing in Sweden with crew

During a sailing trip with us at More Sailing, you get to experience sailing at its best, without any worries. On board the boat you are in safe hands with the crew who take care of everything. They cook, guide you to hidden coves with crystal clear water, recommend restaurants and sail the boat. You'll have breakfast and lunch on the boat, dinner on your own when you discover the village or island where the boat has docked for the night in the evening. During the sailing trip there are no musts, for your part it is just to relax and enjoy, of course you can participate in the sailing as much or little as you want. The combination of being looked after by the crew while visiting new destinations every day, makes it a vacation you will never forget.

A typical day on our yachts often starts with a refreshing morning swim. Meanwhile, the host prepares your buffet breakfast. Once everyone is full and satisfied, it's off to sea to sail on to the day's destination. While we sail, you can sunbathe, read a book or just enjoy the surroundings. When lunchtime approaches, the kitchenette smells good and lunch is enjoyed in a bay. After lunch there is usually a swim from the boat. Then we take you to an idyllic bay or a typical west coast community with boathouses and other amenities where you spend the night. In the evening, you'll have the chance to enjoy local cuisine and end the night at a local bar before letting the sea lull you to sleep.


No prior knowledge required to sail in Sweden

When you book a sailing trip with More Sailing, you don't need any prior knowledge, which is why there are sailing trips for everyone. If you are curious about sailing and interested in the sea, it is more than enough to experience a wonderful trip. Imagine a regular vacation trip, where instead of a hotel you stay on a boat and wake up in new wonderful places every day. You can book our sailing trips yourself and meet new acquaintances. You can also book a whole boat just for your party, bring your family or friends and let our host couple pamper you during your vacation.

A sailing trip in Sweden

During a sailing week with More Sailing, you get to experience many sides of Sweden's west coast, beautiful nature, small idyllic coastal communities, quiet bays and vibrant summer paradise. All this together with a hefty dose of wonderful sailing. We sail on the west coast starting from Skärhamn which is located on Tjörn, an island north of Gothenburg. From there, depending on the weather and wind, we sail out to sea and discover the unique island treasure Sweden has to offer. Here you can read about some of the islands and coastal communities we visit and what makes the places so unique.

Boats we sail with in Sweden

During the summer of 2024 we will sail with an Excess 11 with room for 8 guests and 2 staff. The places on board can be booked by a whole company if you want the whole boat for yourself, or by several smaller companies where you also get the opportunity to get to know new acquaintances.

On board the boat, both breakfast and lunch are served, eaten around the table in the cockpit. Even in the salon, everyone is comfortably seated to socialize. The foredeck is usually the favorite place on board the boat, here you can while the boat sails in peace and quiet sunbathing, hear the waves lapping. At the back of the boat there is a bathing jetty and ladder that makes it easy to get in and out of the cooling sea. If you are a larger group that wants to sail a specific boat, we will of course arrange it, warmly welcome to contact us.

Excess 11 - 37 foot catamaran with up to 8 guests and 2 crew
Excess 11 is a new boat model from 2023 and is built in France ac Excess shipyard which is a sister company of well-known Lagoon. The boat has 4 cabins with double bed for guests and two skipper cabins where skipper and host sleep. There are two bathrooms with toilet and separate shower cabin.

Catamarans are more known for being comfortable than sailing well but the Excess 11 is also a very good sailor while having very nice social spaces. It is equipped with AC with exhaust in the saloon, fans in the cabins and a generator that allows you to get power even on the buoy.

Highlights of the boat
Very affordable catamaran with good sailing characteristics

Worth thinking about
AC in the saloon instead of the cabins, but not important in Swedish waters


What do our customers think?

We carbon offset your sailing trip

From 2019, More Sailing will carbon offset all sailing trips we organize to 110%. This means that you who travel with us contribute more positively with climate-positive measures than the negative co2 impact that your sailing trip has. We also offset all internal travel for staff and other impacts the company has to be at least climate neutral.

CO2 emissions and global warming are a threat to all living things on our planet. Sailing is environmentally friendly but air travel to the sailboat is not. The flight accounts for 95% of the negative climate impact of buying a sailing trip. By More Sailing investing in various climate projects, we compensate the CO2 emissions that the sailing trip gives rise to by 110%.

We do not consider that we buy a clean conscience through climate compensation, but we do something concrete to slow down global warming. Carbon offsetting of CO2 is included in all our sailing trips, it cannot be opted out. Read more here.

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