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Why you should book with us at More Sailing!

When you book with us at More Sailing, you should feel safe and that you get the very best service!
Therefore, we have gathered below the benefits you as a customer have when you book with us as a Swedish company.

The advantage with us is, among other things:
- Customer service 24/7
- Tailor-made route suggestions for your trip
- Customer portal where you can see your booking and its details.
- Pay by card and take advantage of your possible card insurance.
- More Sailing is a Swedish supplier with its own boats.
- We offer flights and transfers.


Rent a sailboat through More Sailing

Rent a sailboat through More Sailing, where you can choose from several different destinations around the world. We offer many different sailboats for you who want to rent a boat and sail yourself without a crew. Our sailboats can be rented and sailed in Croatia, Italy, Greece and the Caribbean.

It is a fantastic experience to swap the Swedish waters for a warmer, sunnier destination for a week or two. Sail between turquoise bays, swim from the boat and visit places that can only be reached by sailboat.

Note! To be able to rent a sailboat and sail yourself, one person on board must have a license for boats under 12 meters and a Coastal Ship Certificate for boats over 12 meters, in addition to this, an SRC certificate (VHF) is also required.


Rent a boat and sail yourself in Croatia, Greece, Italy or the Caribbean.

Rent a large or small sailboat in Croatia, Greece and Italy, where the best conditions for renting a boat are between April and October, during the summer months.

Greece, which is a little further south, has a slightly longer season compared to Croatia and Italy. Croatia and Italy are well suited for those who want a calmer sailing in terms of weather, usually the winds are milder.

In the Caribbean you sail during the Swedish winter, from December to April. This is when sailing conditions are at their best, with lovely temperatures and good winds.


Boat rental - Short week

Catamaran or monohull?

If you want to discover the archipelago and its magical places, the best way to do it is with a sailboat, that's a fact, but it can be difficult to know which type of boat suits your party best. We have both catamarans and monohulls, simple or exclusive, with high sailing performance or high comfort. Here you can read about the differences and what suits you best.

Monohull boat

We have both smaller and larger monohulls with different characteristics, some with multiple toilets and cabins, others with larger living areas and different types of sails. A monohull boat is for those who are looking for the traditional sailing feeling, when it tilts and splashes.



A catamaran is for those who are more looking for comfort or used to larger motorboats, of course there are larger and smaller catamarans and with high sailing performance or high comfort. Catamarans usually have more toilets and more living areas. In some cases, catamarans can be as good or better sailors than some monohulls.


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