Vaccination certificate launched today, now you can travel easierpersona

30 June 2021

Download digital vaccination certificates

From today, July 1, 2021, everyone who has been vaccinated against Covid-19 can go to to download their certificate. You can download your vaccination certificate both if you took one or two doses of vaccine. Your vaccination certificate allows you to travel almost freely within the EU, including to Croatia, Italy and Greece.

Many vaccinated, restrictions eased

The Swedish Public Health Agency reports today (July 1, 2021) that 58% of Sweden's population has received their first dose of vaccine and that the spread of infection is greatly reduced. In addition, the Swedish government is today easing several restrictions. Even the EU is opening up more and more, for example, Croatia is in normal mode from today.

Great interest in booking sailing trips

This means that we at More Sailing notice a great demand for our trips. In June 2021, we have had record sales of sailing trips, one of the best months in the company's 12-year history. One of the reasons that many people choose to travel with us, we believe, is that sailing trips are a more contagious way to travel, as your family can book a sailboat for yourselves. Another reason is the wonderful experience that our fantastic skippers and hosts deliver during our sailing trips.

Almost fully booked 2021, book now for 2022

If you want to travel this summer, get in touch immediately as a lot is already fully booked. If you want to plan your trip to the Caribbean this winter or to the Mediterranean next summer, get in touch today to make sure your dream boat is available on the right date for you.


For the past few weeks, @margauxdietz and @alicestenlof and friends have been sailing with us at @moresailing. This Saturday, @carolaofficial will sign on board one of our sailboats in Croatia. Later this summer, @josephineqvist and friends have booked a sailing trip with us. Feel free to follow them on social media and participate in our Instagram competitions so you have the chance to win a sailing trip to Croatia with us.

Hope to see you on board one of our sailboats in the future!

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