Travel to Greece with More Sailing

22 January 2022

Travel to Greece

Traveling to Greece is part of the Swedish travel culture. Greece is a well-known destination for us Swedes. A dear destination, with many incredible vacation memories. Swedes are well-known tourists for Greece. Dear tourists, who visit the country often and are a major contributing factor in the Greek tourism industry.

We at More Sailing, have been organizing sailing trips in Greece for many years now. Currently, our sailing trips start from Alimos Marina, outside Athens in the Saronic Gulf.

In this blog we will tell you about Greek cuisine, where Greek food is on the table. We will take up a little about the magical Greek islands, which are many, but do you know how many islands there are in Greece? If you don't, you'll find out later in the text.

Finally, we want to tell you more about an activity that is a bit odd or better said a bit difficult to practice for us in Sweden. But on our trips to Greece, we can snorkel. Snorkeling is like watching a National Geographic documentary about marine life. Maybe the thing of the year to do on a Greek vacation?

If you need inspiration for your trip to Greece or have any questions, you are welcome to contact us for consultation. Some of the inspiration we hope you find when you sail through the text in this blog post.


Greece food

Greece is world famous for its extraordinary cuisine, which consists of the good food and flavorful ingredients, as well as happy people. When we sail on trips to Greece, we naturally look forward to Greek culinary offerings as much as we long for the sun, sea and beautiful nature.

So which dishes should you look out for when sailing among the magical Greek islands? Here we go through everything about Greek food, highlighting the most essential dishes and flavors.


Flavors, dishes and people on trips to Greece

What's so fascinating about Greek cuisine is that everything is so flavorful, whether you're eating a gyros, a Greek salad, grilled seafood or moussaka. Greek food is made from fresh ingredients and when Greeks cook, they cook with great passion and love.

For Greeks, it's a culture that values the enjoyment of food and company. True bon vivants who know how to make the most of the best that Greece has to offer.

In Greece, people like to eat food together with their loved ones. Often in larger groups. It is a social event where people come together to have a wonderful time, which can last for several hours.

grek mat.jpeg


On trips to Greece, the tables are often filled with many small dishes, which is called mezé and can be compared to Spanish tapas and Italian antipasti. Greek mezze can be a little bit of everything. It's usually a mixture of cheeses and olives, creamy snacks like tzatziki and taramosalata, as well as crispy salads and seafood or lamb skewers that melt in your mouth. Greek food is delicious!

Grilled food

Another important part of Greek cuisine is grilled meat, which comes in many different varieties. Souvlaki, gyros and kebabs are classic dishes that you just have to try in Greece to experience the authentic flavors.


Gyros are made with slices of meat from spit-roasted cones of pork, veal or lamb, while their kebabs are made from ground meat that is seasoned and shaped into an oblong skewer. In other words, if you want to eat kebabs when traveling to Greece, order gyros, not kebabs.

If you also love cheese, we recommend saganaki, which are deep-fried pieces of cheese. We also recommend feta me meli, which is a delicious package of filo dough filled with feta cheese, honey and sesame seeds. These can form part of the mezé table or be eaten as an appetizer alongside kolokithákia - salty, sliced fried squash that's better than candy.

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Food is an important part of traveling to Greece

Now you understand that eating Greek food is pure pleasure. In Greece you are safe when it comes to food, you will not be hungry. Rather, you will gain a few pounds, because that is usually done on trips to Greece. Unless, of course, you take advantage of all the summer activities offered on a Greek vacation.

Greece islands

There are over 1400 islands in Greece. They stretch across the entire Aegean Gulf, all the way down to the Mediterranean Sea, with Crete as a subtracted bottom from the continent. We find the Greek islands absolutely magical and we never cease to be fascinated by them, every time we make a new sailing trip in Greece.

Islands that we sail among in Greece are those in the Saronic Gulf off Athens, and in the Gulf of Egina. Some of the most famous of the Saronic islands are Hydra, Dokos, Spetses, Salamis, Egina, Agistri, Poros, and others. Greece islands definitely belong to the top list of the most amazing island groups on the globe.

It takes many trips to Greece to be able to visit all the more than 1400 islands, or at least the almost 300 that are inhabited. Therefore, we also want to advise you that you can rent a sailboat via More Sailing, and sail yourself on adventures a lá 1000 islands.

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Snorkeling Greece - world-class snorkeling with magical sea life

A sailing holiday in Greece is of course a perfect opportunity for sea activities such as diving, windsurfing and snorkeling. There is something about the turquoise water that makes you just want to jump in and stay as long as possible in the water and experience magic.

grek bad.jpeg

Snorkel Greece - world-class snorkeling with magical sea life

A sailing holiday in Greece is of course a perfect opportunity for sea activities such as diving, windsurfing and snorkeling. There is something about the turquoise water that makes you just want to jump in and stay as long as possible in the water and experience the magic.

Snorkeling among corals and colorful fishes

Snorkel and admire the beautiful corals and colorful fish you can only see in the incredible environment of the sea. The feeling of discovering new forms of life in such wonderful colors is simply magical. It is an experience that should be experienced at least once in a lifetime.

When sailing, you can enjoy gentle breezes on board the sailboat when you take a break from snorkeling. Experiencing world-class snorkeling while being pampered and guided by the crew is what travel to Greece is all about.

The islands for snorkeling on trips to Greece

A wonderful area is the Saronic Gulf off Athens, where you can go snorkeling while sailing on your trip. In the bay, also known as the Gulf of Egina, you will find the Saronic islands of Hydra, Dokos, Spetses, Salamis, Egina, Agistri, Poros, and others.

There, of course, many fantastic beaches await and it is almost a must to take a day on the beach with sun and bath when traveling to Greece. You sail in Greece to visit the Greek islands, while eating Greek food on board and enjoying the wonderful Greek weather. Pure magic, I'm sure you'll agree!

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Book your future trips to Greece at More Sailing

We hope you have had a nice and rewarding reading time. Now you are hopefully a little closer to your next Greek experience. We who have been to Greece many times, know very well why we return there again.

Striking history, beautiful nature, magical islands, food and wine for every taste. Nice people with friendly culture and attitude. In Greece, memories are made for life. We return to experience them again. And we succeed, every time.

Because Greece always keeps its promises. Travel to Greece is an experience like no other, with relaxation, laughter and general well-being for the body and soul.