Travel to Croatia for memorable sailing experiences!

04 January 2022

Travel to Croatia with More Sailing

Traveling to Croatia with us at More Sailing means guaranteed memories for life created on our wonderful sailing trips in Croatia. Our presence in Croatia dates back over 10 years and when we look back, we do so with a twinkle in our eye and joy in our soul.

The reason is of course all the happy people who have sailed in Croatia with our boats and our crew during all these years. It is a pleasure to be able to offer sailing tours where you get so many experiences to remember from your trips to Croatia.


We love what we do and are very passionate about Croatia as a destination. Therefore, we make sure to get the best that the country has to offer. Travel to Croatia or Croatia vacation is all about:

  • experiencing the magic of the Adriatic environment
  • waking up in the warmth of the shining sun every day
  • eating jewels from the mix of Croatian (e.g. cevapcici) and Mediterranean cuisine
  • be charmed by old towns with architecture over 1000 years old
  • relax and experience, all at the same time

Sailing in Croatia is very popular. Croatia offers the best sailing in the world, according to an old article in Vagabond, which has become even more credible over the years. Crystal clear waters, stunning archipelagos and moderate winds. What more could a friend of sailing wish for?

We at More Sailing ensure that your trip to Croatia will be a memorable sailing experience. Every morning you wake up on the sailboat, you wake up in the sunny Adriatic blue. You will be served breakfast with fresh food prepared by our crew. When we go ashore, we will of course visit the charming towns and enjoy meals in local restaurants. Our philosophy is simple, we believe in active vacations, where you can both relax and unwind, while experiencing new things and creating lifelong memories.

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Traveling to Croatia in 2022

The current circumstances in Croatia regarding the pandemic are not critical and the situation is under control. The country's main source of income is tourism, so extra efforts are being made during the summer to reduce the risk of the spread of the pandemic. In previous years this has worked very well and despite millions of visitors to the Croatian coast, there has been no escalation of COVID-19 cases.

You can find more information on the current situation regarding the situation for travel to Croatia in 2022 here. We have no doubt that the situation will be kept under control and that travel will be possible. In addition, we try to keep our sailboats pandemic free, taking the highest hygiene and safety measures. We also have all the necessary equipment and ship the boat in a professional way.

Travel to Croatia summer 2022 and sail with More Sailing

Sail in Croatia with skipper and host on board on your trip to Croatia in the summer of 2022. During a sailing trip on our boats, you will experience sailing at its best, without any worries. On board the boat you are in safe hands with the crew. They cook, guide you to hidden paradise bays, recommend restaurants and sights, and sail the boat while you just enjoy yourself. You'll have breakfast and lunch on the boat while dinner is served in a restaurant.

There are no musts on the sailing boat, for your part just relax and go along, but of course you can participate in the sailing as much as you like. The combination of being taken care of by the crew while visiting new destinations every day makes your trip to Croatia in summer 2022 a vacation you won't soon forget.

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Traveling to Croatia in July

July is the hottest month in Croatia and is recommended for vacations for those who love heat. The temperature exceeds 30 degrees daily, and sometimes even 35. Traveling to Croatia in July means traveling during the high season. There are more tourists, more events and the chance to meet new and exciting people.

However, it might be worth considering going in the second half of August or in September to avoid the hottest days. If you are not comfortable with such heat, for example due to personal preferences or health reasons. Trips to Croatia can be made from April to October.

Travel to Croatia tips

Croatia is a destination in Southern Europe, where the people carry Mediterranean culture and mostly love to enjoy life. The sea, olive oil, sun, beautiful nature, crystal clear water, warmth. Best Croatia travel tip is to take advantage of everything the country offers and enjoy it to the maximum.

Incidentally, it may come in handy to charm the locals with some phrases like "Dobar dan" (Good day) and "Kako si?" (How are you?), and "Dobro" (Good). Be sure to try Croatian beer and wine, which have a high status in terms of quality and taste.

Sea food is from another world, so if you're a fan of crabs and other sea fish, you'll really enjoy what Croatia has to offer on the table. Don't forget to try burek and cevapcici. The former is filo dough with meat, cooked in a special way, while cevapcici is similar to our meatballs, but seasoned a bit differently. You can read more about gastronomy in Croatia further down the blog.

Traveling to Croatia with children

If you want to travel to Croatia with children, there are no obstacles to do so. Croatia is a child-friendly country. Our sailing trips are also trips for the whole family, as the safety and amount of fun on our sailing boats are guaranteed. Families with children who have sailed before, as well as those who have never sailed before are welcome to sail with us.

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When we say that our sailing trips are for everyone, we really mean that they are for everyone. Regardless of age. Bring the whole family for a relaxing and active vacation, where you will create memories for life. It's something nice for the kids to look back on when they reflect on their childhood. Or maybe they'll be inspired to take the plunge and become the captain of a big cruiser one day! Sailing trips are inspiring and fun, of course, which is why you should travel to Croatia with children.

After all the years we have been working with sailing tours, we can say that kids really appreciate the experience on a sailboat. In summer 2022, through More Sailing, you can give your children a vacation to remember for life. Book a sailing trip for the whole family and take the kids on trips to Croatia.

About Croatia

If you are traveling to Croatia, it is good to know some important aspects of the country. We've included geography and sailing, and of course food and drink. History can be explored on the spot, hidden in the charming Adriatic cities visited on our sailing tours.

Croatia today has a 4,800 km long coastline and over 1000 islands to sail between. However, the country's coastline is divided into two distinct parts by the short Bosnian coastline near Dubrovnik. The Croatian coast is divided into three regions, Dalmatia in the south and the Istrian peninsula in the north, with the Kvarner region in between. Kvarner, which is also an archipelago, includes islands such as Cres, Krk, Pag, Rab and Losinj.

Croatia is often referred to as the 'land of a thousand islands', and this is true. There are a total of 1185 islands along the coast, 67 of which are inhabited. During the summer months, Croatia has a very pleasant climate, especially for sailing. It is best to travel to Croatia in July or August. The winds are usually just right for sailing, between 6 to 8 m/s are the most common winds. There is rarely a lull, and rarely a storm.

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Gastronomy in Croatia (traditional coast)

Croatia has recently become quite popular due to its favorable climate, good wines and wonderful food. However, the food tradition differs depending on where you are in Croatia. When it comes to Istria, the Dalmatian part and the Primorje region, the dishes are inspired by Italian cuisine, but prepared in a special Croatian way.

Croatian risotto

When visiting Croatia, it will be difficult to find a restaurant that does not have at least one dish of Italian origin on its menu. So it is quite normal that you will find dishes like pizza, various spaghetti dishes and risotto dishes. The most famous risotto dishes are octopus risotto, veal risotto, shrimp risotto with white wine and garlic. If you are lucky enough to stumble upon a restaurant that is good at cooking real traditional dishes, you will quickly realize that it is certainly the best risotto you will ever taste.

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Spices and olives in Croatia

The most common spices in coastal Croatia and the islands are the normal Mediterranean spice mix. But there is certainly one that stands out, in Croatia it is olive oil and olives that dominate many dishes. When you take a tour of the islands, you quickly notice the large farms with olive trees. The resulting olive oil is some of the best you will ever find, it is a treat on its own, but when paired with the right food it explodes in flavor.

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Just as olive oil has been produced seemingly forever in Croatia, so has salt, and this is why you will certainly notice that the Croatian food is very salty and aromatic in flavor. If you find yourself in the position to try the real Croatian olive oil don't skip it - it's super tasty.

Sea food on trips to Croatia

And of course, we can't skip the fish and seafood. "Sea food" is a very important part of the Croatian culinary world, especially along the coast. You will find fresh seafood everywhere, from oyster bars to fish restaurants. Favorite dishes are different grilled fish varieties such as tuna steak and golden parry, squid, octopus salad, mussels and other seafood. Anchovies are something you eat for lunch with bread and a splash of olive oil of course.

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Croatian cheese

The delicacy that makes you smile every time you think about it is Pag cheese. Before every meal, a dish of bread, smoked ham and cheese is usually served in Croatia. Among all the Croatian cheeses the most desired and famous is the Pag cheese, from the small island of Pag near Zadar. The definition of this delicacy is that it is a hard, sheep cheese made on Pag; but this definition cannot come close to capturing the essence of the delicacy.

The cheese is unique thanks to the island's reputation as a salt production center. Intense winds that blow there spread the island's salt dust on everything, including the vegetation. That's why the only original Pag cheese can come from sheep living on the island and it's also the reason why the cheese is so very, very good.

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Meat dish that is very famous in Croatia is "Pashticada" and is like the holy grail of Dalmatian-Croatian cooking. In Dalmatia, this beef is prepared with a very special sauce. The dish can be called most often Dalmatinska pašticada, Dalmatian pot roast or just as meat stew. For its preparation it requires a long time and most often it is served with gnocchi. If you find yourself in Split, visit restaurant FIFE which cooks Pashtcada wonderfully delicious for very cheap price.

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Croatian wines have a long tradition

As for the wine, don't miss out on tasting native Croatian wine varieties! Inland the most famous wine varieties are Chardonnay, white and gray Pinot, Shkrlet and Grashevina. In Istria you can find Merlot, Mushkat and Vrbnicka Zlahtina. In Dalmatia one finds wonderful wine varieties such as Babic and Plavina in Primosten, Merlot in Drnis, Debit/Poship and Grk on Korcula, white Vugava and red Plavac on Vis, Stina on Brac and last but our favorite Plavac and Bogdanusa on the island of Hvar. The famous dessert wine variety is called Proshek.

FJAKA - "every little thing's gonna be alright"

One thing that cannot be left unmentioned about traveling to Croatia is the coffee culture of the Croatian people. You'll quickly notice that most coffee bars are crowded with people, and it's easy to fall into the pace known as "FJAKA". Fjaka is when you sit in the sun and drink your coffee and eat delicious Croatian desserts such as fritule, rozata and other cakes, going by the motto 'every little thing's gonna be alright'. The coffee served in most coffees is Espresso coffee with or without milk.

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More Sailing and vacation in Croatia

More Sailing has been present in Croatia since 2009. Our sailing trips in Croatia start from the Split region. The trip starts in Marina Kastela, which is just a stone's throw from Split Airport. You will be picked up by our staff from the airport and driven to the marina.

From the mainland, we head out among the islands along the Adriatic coast. The region is called Dalmatia and we sail between islands such as Solta, Brac, Hvar and Vis. It is a sheltered archipelago and therefore waves are rare, which makes sailing and life on board pleasant. There are many factors that combine to make Croatia the sailing paradise that it is and one of the best sailing destinations in the world.


During a sailing week with More Sailing you will experience many aspects of vacation in Croatia. Beautiful nature, villages that are over a thousand years old, quiet bays and vibrant summer paradise. All this together with a good dose of sun, swimming and sailing.

If you want to travel to Croatia in 2022 with More Sailing, you are welcome to book your sailing week today. Or contact us if you have any questions or special requests for your booking. We are here for you and we are passionate about creating unforgettable sailing experiences and vacation memories.

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