Ratings and reviews of More Sailing 2019

29 July 2019

Reviews of More Sailing

You are now halfway through the 2019 summer season of sailing trips delivered by More Sailing in Croatia, Greece and Italy. We have received several ratings and reviews about what our customers think about their sailing trip with us, which we are very happy about. Some of the most recent mentions of More Sailing read like this:

"Hi! Thanks for a great week! The hosts made a great week into something special! Isa and Madde are "THE BEST EVER"."
- Per Wennberg sailed in Croatia July 2019

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"So I just say wow, what a fantastic trip. We went as a family with two teenagers to Croatia. We ended up on a More 55 Pixel along with 3 other families. We all clicked which made this trip absolutely fantastic and not to mention our Hostess Ida and Sheppare Gustav. They were themselves right through and could not have made our trip better. Ida cooked crazy good food and made nice breakfasts and offered many happy laughs. Gustav yes he was absolutely incredible with funny stories and funny antics. We all got along incredibly well. The most fun thing about sailing was that you got to learn to sail and visit new villages every day. With nice ancient history. Good food and crystal clear waters. During our trip, my son was celebrated in the mast 26 meters up, jumped fenderswing. Slept out on deck and in the boom. Everything a guy his age could want. This really is a perfect trip for you and your family who enjoy boating. A trip we will never forget. Now we are aiming to get to Italy next time. Thank you so much @moresailing for this trip. You are the best!"
- Jessica Andersson sailed in Croatia July 2019

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"A good concept with a planned sailing trip, where you follow along without having to control all the details yourself. Beautiful nature in Italy, comfortable and nice boat, good food. We will definitely sail with you again next summer!"
- Mattias Kindberg sailing in Italy July 2019

"Now we have just come home from a fantastic sailing trip in Croatia. About day two, my partner and I already started going to the More Sailings website to check which destination we could go to next year, which I think says a lot about the trip. In addition to the fact that we have been fantastically well taken care of by our skipper and hostess, the whole concept is absolutely superb! You wake up, take a morning dip, get on the boat just in time for breakfast. Then you get ready to cast off to the next destination. Every night you get to see something new while the trip there is both relaxing but at the same time sometimes eventful at the same time. The best part of the trip was when we raced against other More Sailing boats (very spontaneous) and when we got to see dolphins right around our sailboat. This is a trip that I can recommend to pretty much everyone, even those who are like me and have never sailed before. Thank you for an incredible week!"
- Carl Schander sailed in Croatia in June 2019

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