More Yacht Club

01 March 2021


We at More Sailing have opened our new charter company More Yacht Club and have a brand new base with about 25 modern and well-equipped boats, both monohulls and catamarans.

More Yacht Club has its headquarters and base in the newly built harbor, Marina Trogir SCT just a stone's throw from Trogir town and about 10 minutes from Split airport.

Trogir Town

Trogir is a fantastic city that in itself is well worth a visit which of course can be combined with your sailing vacation with us. After a walk in the city center, you understand that the city deserves its place on the World Heritage List. The core of the city resembles a labyrinth, the narrow alleys are lined with smooth cobblestones surrounded by thousand-year-old houses and around every corner there is a new local tavern.


What does More Yacht Club do?

More Yacht Club manages, services and also takes care of all our boats owned by our boat owners and ourselves. At the base there is therefore a team of technicians and service personnel who ensure the reliability and maintenance of the boats. It is a large, well-oiled machine that leaves nothing to chance.

In the harbor where our base is located, there is a restaurant, café and grocery store in close proximity to our office and dock where the boats are located.

Responsible people on site

Down on site we have a whole team led by Ante and Jelena who are responsible for the base. We also have our Base Manager named Blaž who is responsible for ensuring that everything in the harbor and the boats are in order before you sail away for a week's sailing holiday.

CEO - Ante Krstulovic

Head of Sales - Jelena Milas

More Yacht Club - Our Philosophy

Message from Jelena and Ante with colleagues:

We are very excited to be able to welcome you all to our new base located in Marina Trogir SCT, Croatia. For us our customers always come first, as it should be, and so we welcome to read our philosophy about customer care below.

We will once and for all put the clients experience in the front seat of the entire business model. But what does it mean? In short, we are building every process and procedure in the way it's the most convenient and smooth for the client. What a guest of ours can expect from us is the professional expertise in combination with quality service, loyalty and kindness.

Welcome and see you soon!

Stay Safe Croatia


When you see the mark "Safe stay in Croatia" you can be sure that the prescribed epidemiological measures and health safety recommendations have been taken in the place.

More Yacht Club meets the guidelines of the Croatian Institute of Public Health and the World Travel and Tourism Council. This includes all categories of tourism - accommodation, shipping, restaurants and bars, tourist attractions, tourist guides, agencies and information centers, traffic, attractions and sports and recreation.

Welcome to the summer sailing vacation with us at More Sailing and More Yacht Club!