Active holidays with More Sailing

26 December 2021

Summary of 2021 and looking ahead to 2022

Active holidays with adventurous sailing trips for everyone

Active holidays are usually associated with hiking, climbing or cycling in challenging terrain. However, we have discovered over the years that our sailing trips are experienced by our dear travelers as active holidays. Of course, one might wonder why this is the case... Well, the answer is as crystal clear as the sea water our sailing boats sail through. Our sailing trips are fantastic experiences characterized by an adventurous atmosphere on board. Every day you discover new places with the sailing boat, both in the sea environment and when going ashore.

On an active vacation you can see and experience beautiful views and places, which make you almost lose your breath and your heart pump faster than usual. You also have the opportunity to alternate daily between sun, swimming, snorkeling and other water activities. And all this in the turquoise blue crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean and Caribbean. With magical plants and animals that you don't get to see very often. Heavenly good food, with a local touch á la Mediterranean and Caribbean, as well as world-class wines and exotic local drinks. On our sailing trips you can enjoy them every day, both on board and when we go ashore. Plus, you have our professional and service-minded crew on board. They make sure that every moment of your vacation is an unforgettable experience that creates memories for life.

Add to that everything you learn about the history and traditions associated with the new places you discover. That's the perfect mix for a successful active vacation. But don't forget that you can just as easily lie on the deck. Sunbathing, listening to the sounds of seabirds and waves, just to be in the experience of harmony.


Summary of 2021

2020 has been the year where our entire industry has had a tough time due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the necessary restrictions that would tame the spread of the virus. Although our sailboats were available for sailing, most of them, for everyone's sake, had to lie still in the marina and wait for better conditions for new sailing adventures.

Thankfully, 2021 has been absolutely fantastic and filled with sailing adventures for people looking for both a relaxing and active vacation. We have been able to offer full capacity in all our classic destinations. Croatia, Greece, Italy and the Caribbean have been almost fully booked during the period. In addition, Sweden has become a well-accepted addition to the sailing destinations we offer.

We are also extremely pleased that we have also been able to carry out sailing through the Mediterranean and the highly sought-after sailing across the Atlantic during the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers. You can read more about ARC 2021 on our blog, where we have had some live updates from boats we sailed with across the Atlantic.

Our CEO Einar Halldin says that 2021 has been a fantastic year:

We have had a fantastic sailing year despite the circumstances in the world. An almost fully booked summer and already now we have a record number of bookings for 2022. We should not hide the fact that it has been a challenging year for us in the travel industry, many cancellations, rebookings and on bookings. At the same time, it has been very educational and we can summarize 2021 as a year with new insights and opportunities.

In 2021, a new sailing destination was also introduced, the Swedish West Coast. We are proud to offer you to experience the Swedish summer at its best. In addition, we have developed a new web service on our website, which means that you also have the opportunity to rent a sailboat directly online from us.

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Looking ahead to sailing trips in 2022

A friend of order may at this point wonder about forecasts and possible news for the 2022 season. Our sincere hope is that the world's population will successfully stay healthy in 2022. If the pandemic is not over, we hope it is under full control. After all, we want people to be able to move freely and go on their well-earned vacations. Therefore, we look forward to a good and healthy year. We look forward to the unforgettable experiences that will be created on our sailboats. All the adventures, laughter and wonderful moments of harmony in all the destinations in our offer.

We welcome all people who want both relaxing and active vacations in Croatia, Greece, Italy, the Caribbean or here at home in Sweden. For 2022 the standard package for all our sailing trips includes in the price: Vacation trip, flight, transfer, crew, food, sleeping place, bedding and all expenses related to the sailing trip. For more details please see the picture or contact us and we will be more than happy to answer your questions and concerns.

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CEO words about 2022

"A really cool and wonderful vacation". It is a journey beyond the ordinary that many dream of experiencing. We want to make sailing possible for everyone, whether you can sail or have never been on a boat before. It is a unique vacation trip that provides memories for life. If you want to visit cool destinations, experience the local culture and see picturesque places, then a sailing trip is for you. Traveling with More Sailing is the obvious choice.

We make sailing possible for everyone.

Of course, we will continue to climate compensate all our sailing trips.

We also want to do our part and work more towards sustainable travel. The global sustainability problems are more important than ever before and the biggest challenge of our time. We stand together to influence our climate and environment.

First of all, we want to thank all our guests who choose to travel with us. Hope to see you in 2022, where we will gladly take you on new exciting vacation trips. We love sailing and creating unforgettable experiences together with you on board.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Active vacation in Croatia

An active vacation in Croatia is best experienced from a sailboat. In the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea there are many beautiful places to sail between. Here you'll find historic towns with narrow alleys and polished cobblestones, each with a story to tell.

The Adriatic Sea is deep, crystal clear and easy to navigate because there are so few shoals. It is also one of the most beautiful seas in the world with over 1000 islands, islets and skerries. Each island has its own story to tell, with its traditions, customs and local festivities.

During the summer months, Croatia has a very pleasant climate, it is even the country in Europe with the most hours of sunshine per year. Sail in Croatia on the best sailing boat for the family and experience an active vacation in hidden bays and adventures along the coast.

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Our sailing trips in Croatia are based in the Split region, which is part of Dalmatia. The trip starts in Marina Kastela, which is just a stone's throw from Split Airport. From the mainland, we head out among the islands of the magnificent Croatian archipelago in the Adriatic Sea.

The region is called Dalmatia and we sail between islands such as Solta, Brac, Hvar and Vis. It is a sheltered archipelago and therefore waves are rare, which makes sailing and life on board pleasant. Many factors combine to make Croatia a sailing paradise for a relaxing and active vacation.

Active vacation Sweden

Thinking about a vacation in Sweden with children? In our elongated kingdom, there is plenty of coastal area and rich archipelago to explore. This is best done from a sailboat with a More Sailing crew. The west coast on which we sail is unique in the world for its many smooth islands, islets and skerries. With countless islands to visit, there is a good mix between fantastic nature, cozy villages and cities, and summer paradise with a little pulse. This makes for the best vacation in Sweden.

The clear salty waters of the northern west coast make you feel like you're abroad, yet so close to home. So take an active vacation Sweden, a home holiday where you will explore the archipelago treasure we have here in our own country. A short trip out to the coast and you immediately feel how the beautiful surroundings take the mind away from everyday life and into relaxation.

Our sailing trips in Sweden start from the northern part of the west coast in Bohuslän. With around 3000 islands and over 4000 islets, there are countless places to visit in this beautiful archipelago. Something every child in Sweden should experience as part of their vacation memories.

We start the vacation trip in the Marstrand area north of Gothenburg. From there the journey goes north to explore the gold nuggets that the west coast has to offer. We visit places such as Pater noster, Koster, Käringön and Väderöarna to name but a few.

It is not for nothing that Bohuslän has been referred to in several international contexts as one of the world's most beautiful wilderness areas. When you visit the coast and experience the magic, you will definitely understand why. Then you'll hold that part of our elongated kingdom extra dear to your heart. Spend holidays with children in Sweden included, to really experience what an active vacation in Sweden means.

Active vacation in Greece

Not much beats a week of sailing in the Greek islands. The archipelago is fantastic and large, and the islands are many. There is therefore a plethora of areas and islands to sail around and experience an active vacation in the Mediterranean's largest archipelago with over 1500 islands.

During a sailing week in Greece with More Sailing, you discover the Saronic Gulf outside Athens. Here the winds are gentle, the shallows few and the sea warm and turquoise. Heavenly conditions for harmonious sailing.

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You are probably somewhat familiar with the history of Greece, which is exciting and you will experience places you have read about before. You can visit historical sites and follow in the footsteps of the ancient Greeks. In the evenings, you can go on an adventure to try the local cuisine in the many cozy taverns. Greece is well known for its good food and friendly atmosphere. Greece offers an unforgettable relaxing and active vacation.

Active vacation in Italy

In Italy we sail in the area between Sardinia and Corsica, which are proudly located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Since Corsica belongs to France, we sail not only in Italy during the sailing trip, but also in French waters. They are also some of the largest islands in the Mediterranean.

On the southern tip of Corsica is Bonifacio, a stunning town perched on high limestone cliffs. The port is located in a protected fjord behind the cliffs, as you can see in the picture below. During our sailing trips we start from the north-eastern side of Sardinia and sail along the Smeralda coast. This area is world famous for its white beaches and magical bays with exclusive ports.

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Off the Smeralda coast, the La Maddalena archipelago consists of seven major islands and several smaller ones. The archipelago is named after the largest of the islands, La Maddalena. The La Maddalena archipelago is a peaceful place with turquoise lagoons, granite cliffs and deserted islands. This is where magic happens on your relaxing and active vacation.

The archipelago is also home to some of the most spectacular beaches in Italy and some of the finest bathing waters. These hidden paradises can only be explored by boat. During a week of sailing in Italy with More Sailing, you will experience the best that some of the Mediterranean's largest islands have to offer.

Active vacation in the Caribbean

The Caribbean, or West Indies as it is also known, is a chain of islands stretching from Florida in the north down to South America. The Caribbean islands form a boundary between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

We sail among the southern Caribbean islands and depart from Martinique or St. Lucia, depending on the departure. The two islands are adjacent to each other and with them as a starting point we then sail south towards St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

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The Grenadines has been named the most beautiful sailing area in the world and consists of a string of islands located between St. Vincent in the north and Grenada in the south. Our sailing trips in the Caribbean give you an exciting and memorable experience on your relaxing and active vacation.

You will experience great sailing days and the best of what the Caribbean has to offer. Both black and white sand beaches, turquoise lagoons, snorkeling with sea turtles and eating grilled dinners on the beach.

Active holidays with children

Our sailing trips are also vacation trips for the whole family, as the safety and amount of fun on our sailboats is guaranteed. Families with children who have previously sailed, as well as those who have never sailed before are welcome to sail with us. When we say that our sailing trips are for everyone, we really mean it.

Bring the whole family for a relaxing and active vacation with children, where you will create memories for life. It's something the kids can look back on when they reflect on their childhood. Or maybe they'll be inspired to take the plunge and become the captain of a big cruiser one day!

Sailing trips are inspiring and fun, of course. Active vacations with children in Sweden are becoming increasingly popular! Take the opportunity to sail on the best sailboat for the family.

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Active vacation with Intoit Travel Group

Do you like unique experiences, adventures and unforgettable vacations? Then you are in the right place! Welcome to Intoit Travel Group and six unique travel, event and experience companies, offering world-class relaxing and active vacations. We represent active vacation Europe and almost all exotic destinations worldwide.

In addition to the sailing trips that you have just read about, with us you can also find vacation trips to Africa with both safari and exotic destinations. You can also go scuba diving on all continents. Why not take an inspiring training trip? Or why not treat yourself to an exotic dream trip to one of the most exotic destinations on earth? Alone, in pairs or in a group.

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We have summarized a short presentation of our companies for you, where you can also go to the respective website and choose your next dream trip. All companies are experts in their respective niches, with solid experience and world-class service. Our headquarters are in Sweden, but our reach is global, so our requirements for service and customer satisfaction are extremely high.

African Tours & Safaris - TheAfrica Specialist

Our own expert in vacation travel to Africa since 2007. African Tours & Safaris is a complete supplier and specialist in travel to Africa. Do you dream of a holiday trip to South Africa, experience an active vacation on a safari in Tanzania or Kenya? Or maybe experience magical and exotic Madagascar? Let African Tours & Saf aris arrange the safari trip for you.

More Sailing - Sailing trips for everyone

The largest tour operator in the sailing industry, experts in sailing vacations in Croatia, Greece, Italy, Sweden, the Caribbean and even across the Atlantic. More Sailing has sailing trips for everyone and tailors the vacation trip to your wishes, so you can have a relaxing and active vacation with memories for life.

Scuba Travel - Don't just dream it...

The diving trips you dream of can be found at Scuba Travel, which arranges diving trips all over the world. Land-based trips and liveaboard for an active vacation. Scuba Travel has the perfect diving trip for you whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver.

Hummingbid - Group and Conference

Specialists in creating successful communication and building relationships with experiences, meetings & vacations as tools. Perfect for teambuilding to increase staff motivation and for rewarding conferences. Every year, Hummingbird organizes hundreds of meetings and conference trips, always tailored to the customer's needs.

Invictus - Travel & Training

When it comes to inspiring training trips, Invictus Travel & Training are specialists. Training experiences in beautiful environments for crossfit, yoga, cycling and triathlon. Together with your box, team, yoga class or club. Invictus ensures that everything works so that you can focus on training, experiences and good times.

Hummingbird - Lifestyle Travel

The specialist in vacation travel to the most exotic locations and cruises around the world. The list of dream trips includes destinations like the Caribbean, Maldives, Mauritius, La Reunion, Zanzibar, Costa Rica, Australia, New Zealand, and more. Lots of exotic information can be found on the Hummingbird Lifestyle Travel website.

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Relaxing and active vacation - at the same time

When you travel with us, you are guaranteed a healthy balance between relaxing and active vacations. You get the best of both worlds. Rest, eat, experience. Repeat. This is the recipe for success of our holiday trips. We make sure our dear travelers get plenty of rest and eat heavenly food. And of course see and experience places and events that they carry with them for life.

Our holiday trips are meaningful and enriching. An investment in themselves. The wisest kind of investment. Because what more do we need than to stop the stress and relax for a week or two. In the meantime, replenish our batteries by eating good food and experiencing wonderful moments with nice people.

Hand on heart, we are really worth it!

Are we going abroad or taking a Sweden vacation with kids or solo?

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