Sailing in Greece

Greece's coast is made for sailing with thousands of islands in its beautiful archipelago. A week on board one of our boats will leave you with holiday memories for a lifetime. It's not difficult to enjoy yourself when you're being pampered by the skipper and hostess for the entire trip.

Sailing excursions in Greece

Do you want to experience a journey beyond the ordinary on a large yacht, but without having to worry about to driving it, steering it or tying a bowline knot? Then one of our sailing trips in Greece's beautiful archipelago might just be your answer. During a week on board one of our boats manned with a crew you will experience sailing in Greece at its best, with everything taken care of. With a skipper and hostess you won't have to think about sailing, cooking or planning. Just hop aboard and enjoy, though of course you may take part in sailing the boat if the urge arises.

14,500 SEK per person

    A seven-day sailing trip includes:
  • The whole journey lasts a week, Thursday to Thursday, including travel days.
  • Return flights from Gothenburg, Stockholm or Copenhagen / Malmö.
  • Highly trained Swedish skipper/travel guide.
  • Highly trained Swedish hostess/travel guide.
  • Breakfast, lunch and drinks on board.
  • All port fees and other charges.
  • Bed linen and towels.
  • Transfers to and from the airport.
  • Diesel and LPG costs.
  • Sailing course for beginners.
  • Sharing a double cabin on the boat.

Sailing in Greece

Every day the boat sails to a new destination and you get to experience new places. The days are interspersed with sailing, bathing, good food and relaxation. On our sailing trips in Greece you can travel by yourself and meet new people in the best possible way. Or why not take a week's holiday with friends or family on a boat with a skipper and hostess at your service. Our sailing excursions are customised to fit your needs, whether you are an experienced sailor or never have been on board a boat. Below you can see the different themes of our excursions.






A day at sea

During a sailing week with More Sailing you will experience the many sides of Greece, wonderful waterfalls, villages that are a thousand years old, quiet coves, a pulsating summer paradise, all with a good dose of sun, swimming and sailing. A typical day in Greece often begins with the chance to take a glorious morning swim. Meanwhile, the hostess prepares the breakfast buffet. After everyone has eaten their fill and are content, it's off out to sea to sail towards the next destination. On the way there is enough time to sunbathe, swim, read a book or just enjoy the surroundings.

As lunchtime approaches, enticing smells filter up from the kitchen below. The sail is then taken down and the boat is guided into a turquoise bay to drop anchor. After dinner and a few dips it's time to sail on to the harbour where you will spend the evening and night. After a relaxed day with great sailing you'll arrive in a small picturesque village where you can enjoy a nice restaurant. A walk around the cosy streets is a perfect way to end the day before it's time to be lulled to sleep by the waves lapping against the boat.

No prior knowledge or experience is required to sail in Greece

When you book a sailing trip with More Sailing, no prior knowledge is required. Curiosity and an interest in the sea is all that's necessary to experience a wonderful journey. Imagine a normal holiday, where instead of a hotel, you live on a boat and wake up to a wonderful new destination every day.

More Information

One-week sailing excursion

Here you can read an example of how a sailing excursion in Greece looks. The weekly route varies, according to the wind and weather amongst other things.

  • Day 1 & Arrival

    Arrival times to Greece vary between different departure points and airlines. Some will arrive in the morning, others in the afternoon or evening. If you arrive you in the morning, there may be a small delay in boarding due to the boat being prepared. In such cases we can strongly recommend that you pay a visit to the neighbouring village of Primosten during the day. If you arrive in the evening you will be taken directly to the place where the boat has sailed to and not to Marina Kremik.

    Sail in Greece day 1 with More Sailing-Arrival to Marina Kremik.
  • Day 2

    On Sunday morning you will wake up in the cosy village of Skradin, which is lies along the river Krka. After breakfast you will have the opportunity to take a riverboat further up along the river and visit the Krka waterfall. When you return from your excursion, you will have lunch and then cast off and sail out of the river and into the open sea. On Sunday afternoon you sail out to a lovely anchoring bay, which we at More Sailing call "Fish 'n' Pork'. Docking in this bay is the perfect time to relax. There is only one restaurant there, where we take the dinghy in the evening.

    Sail in Greece day 2 with More Siling - Sailing on the sea
  • Day 3

    When you wake up on Monday morning you can start your day with a morning swim in the crystal clear waters of this anchoring bay. After breakfast we begin the long voyage to the island of Vis and the fishing village of Komiza. We eat lunch on board on the way and you arrive in Komiza in the afternoon. In Komiza we moor at the buoy, taking the dinghy in to eat at one of the nice restaurants and take a stroll in the cosy alleyways.

    Sail in Greece day 3 with More Sailing - The Island Vis The harbour Komiza
  • Day 4

    On Tuesday morning we sail you to the small island of Bisevo, which is just off Vis. Bisevo is well known for a blue cave that you can row into with the dinghy. After some cave exploration, our destination is on the other side of Vis, where the main village has the same name as the island. In Vis we dock at the quay and it's only a short walk from the boat to cafes, restaurants and bars.

    Sail in Greece day 4 with More Siling - Blue cave- Bisevo near the island of Vis.
  • Day 5

    On Wednesday there will be a short sailing trip, as you will visit one of the most popular tourist sites in Greece, so we must ensure that we are there in time to get a docking bay. Hvar is known as the Saint Tropez of the Balkans and all along the harbour there are luxury yachts lined up at the quay. We dock in Marina Palmizana, located on an island off the island of Hvar, taking a taxi boat to the town of Hvar.

    Sail in Greece day 5 with More Sailing - Balkans Saint Tropez- City Hvar
  • Day 6

    On Thursday we sail onward to the largest island in the region of Dalmatia, Brac. On Brac we dock at the village of Milna, a calm and cosy little spot with a nice harbour walk. From Milna you can visit a vineyard located up in the hills of Brac. The vineyard belongs to our friends Magdalena and Sacha who are happy to meet guests and talk about their wines.

    Sail in Greece day 6 with More Siiling- On the way to Milna, the island of Brac.
  • Day 7

    On Friday there will be a long sailing trip back to Marina Kremik where we will spend the night, but we will have time to stop for lunch and a swim. In the evening you can visit the neighbouring village of Primosten. Primosten consists of a peninsula surrounded by a will, a lovely place with many good restaurants.

    Sail in Greece with More Sailing day 7- Sailing into the sunset.
  • Day 8 - Departure

    Departure times can also vary between different destinations and airlines. If your plane departs in the morning, you'll take your transfer to the airport right after breakfast. If you depart in the evening you can spend the day in Primosten before the shuttle departs from Marina Kremik.

    Sail in Greece day 8 with More Sailin- Outside Primosten.
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