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The concept is simple: you buy a sailing boat and use it during your holidays. During the remainder of the season, your sailing boat is hired out
providing a good income from the proceeds of hiring.

Easy boat ownership

Buying a boat and placing it in charter operation is a sound investment, due to the fact that hiring out the boat generates good revenue. At the same time, our personnel take care of the maintenance of the boat, making this a hassle-free and simple way to own a boat. You can enjoy your boat in the weeks you use it and don't need to worry about anything else.

More Sailings subsidiary More Charter takes care of all service and maintenance of your boat. Our extensive experience of maintaining, repairing and servicing boats means that boat owners can be sure that their boat will remain in top condition. More Charter is one of Croatia's best charter companies for maintaining charter boats and has been in operation for over 15 years. Our fleet comprises more than 45 boats with satisfied owners.

A good investment

Investing in a charter boat is a simple and hassle-free way to own a boat, as well as being a good investment. In order to maximise your hire revenue, it's important to choose a high quality boat with proper equipment, so that your boat is marketable. Naturally, the boat must also suit your requirements and dreams. Do you have a dream of sailing round the world, or would you like to buy a boat as a good investment?

We sell a limited number of boats per season, so that we can hire out your boat with a high rate of occupancy, generating good hire revenue.

We have opened a boatyard

In early 2015, More Sailing and More Charter opened a new boatyard just outside Split in Croatia, More Boats. Our collective experiences arising from over 15 years in the charter branch mean that we know what makes a boat better.

More Boats build boats of the highest quality, built to be sailed, not tied up in the harbour. Our engineers and boat builders have an enormous collective experience and great competence in building boats able to withstand difficult conditions.

Thanks to the resources in our boatyard we can give your boat better service and maintenance than any of our competitors, regardless of the manufacturer or model of your boat. Read more about our boatyard at

The first model from our More Boats boatyard is a comfortable racing yacht, which can sail quickly while still being comfortable inside. More 55 is built using the latest vacuum laminated hull technology, which makes the boat both lighter and stronger.

Price for a boat ready to hire: € 355,000

Estimated annual hire revenue in Croatia / Caribbean: € 40,000 /€ 25,000

Guaranteed minimum annual revenue in Croatia / Caribbean: € 30,000 / € 15,000

Guaranteed minimum annual revenue in Croatia / Caribbean: € 180,000/ € 240,000

Estimated revenue after 6 years in Croatia / Caribbean: € 270,000 / € 390,000

Approximate value of the boat after 6 years (60%):  € 204,000

Lagoon is a world leader in building cruising catamarans and has built luxury catamarans since 1984. Catamarans are highly sought after by charter customers.

Price for a boat ready to hire: € 820 000

Estimated annual hire revenue in Croatia: € 744 000 € / 992 000

Estimated revenue after 6 years in Croatia: € 492 000 € / 328 000

Approximate value of the boat after 6 years (60%): € 416 000 € / 500 000 

Lagoon catamarans are very popular charter boats and their Lagoon 42 model is no exception. Lagoon 39 has many communal areas for socialising, with a large cockpit and a large sundeck, as well as four comfortable cabins.

Price for a boat ready to hire: € 309 123

Estimated annual hire revenue in Croatia: € 42 970

Guaranteed minimum annual revenue in Croatia: € 28 000

Estimated revenue after 6 years in Croatia: € 168,000 / € 257 820

Approximate value of the boat after 6 years (60%): € 185 000 

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Your hire revenue

We have a simple revenue model for the income generated when the boat is hired out. This comprises a guaranteed minimum level and a revenue prognosis of the expected return on the boat. This means that you are always guaranteed a fixed sum each year. Income from the weeks when your boat is hired out, as well as the guaranteed minimum level are returned to you, the boat owner.

When we perform a hire calculation, the figures are based on our experiences over the last 15 years in the business. You can find several examples here; please contact us for an updated offer and hire calculation. We have more boats for sale than you can see here on our homepage, and we are happy to produce an offer and hire calculation for your dream boat.

In addition to the income you can see in the calculations, you have the freedom of some weeks to enjoy the boat for yourself. The standard three weeks is included, of which one is during the high season and two are during the low season. You can spend these weeks on board your boat in Croatia or the Caribbean, or exchange them for weeks on other boats in destinations the world over.

More Information

We always set prices that cover the entire investment, i.e. a boat that's ready to hire out. All equipment is included, as well as the launch and charter equipment such as china, cutlery and bed linen. Please contact us for an up-to-date quote with updated prices and a calculation of your anticipated hire revenue. 

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You decide yourself how much you want to sail your boat. The less you sail yourself, the more rentals and revenue your boat will receive. By default, you get three free owners' weeks. 

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The boat is fully insured, covering all types of damage and even loss of charter income due to any serious damage that would take a longer time to repair. Each person hiring the boat pays a deposit equal to the excess for the insurance, so if any damage occurs during the rental period, it is covered by the excess.

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Before each season you sign a rental and service agreement with us and after each season, you have the possibility to terminate the relationship. Otherwise the agreement continues automatically on a year-by-year basis. So with More Charter you're not bound to anything but our boat owners choose to stay anyway because of our good service and rentals.

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After 6-7 seasons it's about 60-70% of the original price, provided the market for second hand charter boats is the same in 6-7 years' time as it is now. If you estimate the resale value to be 50% of the original price, you won't be disappointed.

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We have partnerships with banks in Croatia for leases and loans for your boat purchase. Please contact us for further information.

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