New boat: The More 40 - combine your own sailing and charter hire

As mentioned earlier, More Sailing has started a boatyard and has launched its first boat, the More 55. Now it is launching a second, smaller model, the More 40. It is built with the same technology as the More 55 and will have three cabins and two toilets on board.

More Boats Both models are offered as purchase options whilst simultaneously leasing it to the charter business. All maintenance is handled by More and owners get access to the boat a certain number of weeks per year. If you want to find out more, More Sailing will be at the boat show in Gothenburg from the 6th to the 14th of February. There we will be launching the More 40 and also offer sailing of the More 55 through VR glasses! 

Calculations regarding the More 40 from

More 40 with all the equipment ready for charter, cost: 199.550 €

Expected rental income under 6 years / 8 years in Croatia: 120.000 €/ 160.000 €

Boat approximate sales value after 6 years / 8 years old: 19.730 €/ 79.820 €

Expected profit after 6 years / 8 years: 40.180 €/ 40.270 €

In addition to this calculation, you have free ownership worth  2.500 per week.

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